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Summer- Reading, Conferences, Reviews

Is it already May? It seems like only yesterday we were surrounded by storm clouds in California and what felt like an eternal rain shower.

Now the weather is quickly warming up as we approach the summer months. I’m cleaning up my classroom, finishing finals and wraping up the school year.

But before we get to summer rest, I’ll be heading off at the beginning of June to a fabulous writer’s conference in Chicago, with the Catholic Writers Guild. I owe a great deal to this group as they were responsible for connecting me to so many authors, editors, publishers and Catholic influencers. It will be a wonderful time to roll up my sleeves, hone in my skills and surround myself with inspiring minds. (More books to share when I return)

As part of this connection of writing family I’ve been fortunate to have access to different books before they hit the shelves, and I have a few new hot items that I want to share with you.

If you want an intriguing fiction, there’s no better book than Through Esther’s Eyes- by Jaqueline St. Clare, available this summer through Marian Press. If you love the television series, The Chosen, then you’ll love this book.

Through Ester’s Eyes, tells the story of a young Jewish girl who happens to be the first cousin of Jesus. From Esther’s point of view, we encounter Jesus and what it might be have been like to grow up in first-century Jerusalem. As a cousin of our Savior, Esther sees Jesus from a young boy all the way to the crucifixions, while integrating her own struggles as a young girl.

Author Jaqueline St. Clare lived in the Holy Land and studied extensively the locations where Jesus was born, died and resurrected and incorporates her discoveries into this novel. This historical fiction, has a twist of romance, adventure, as well as an opportunity to deepen your spiritual walk.

Another book that is a new release on the shelves is Eucharistic Gems, by one of my absolute favorite authors. Fr. Don Calloway, also well known author of Champions of the Rosary and Consecration of St. Joseph, puts out a yearly devotion worth diving into.

Pope Francis has called 2023 the year to Eucharistic Revival. Yet, a recent pews research poll indicated that more than 70 % of Catholics don’t believe in the real presence of the Eucharist.

Fr. Don Calloway, wanted to bring more attention to this subject and created Eucharistic gems to show how significant the Eucharist is not only in today’s life but in the lives of Saints and through scripture. The book shares daily devotions about the real presence of the Eucharist. Tt’s a beautiful way to start your morning.

If reading’s not your thing, consider audio books. Most of the books mentioned above are on audible. Or check out a live read. I recently had the pleasure to be on Story Tellers With Christy Lou, where she does short readings of books to inspire her audience. Check out her Facebook page or her website.

If you have any prayer request while I’m in Chicago I’ll be attending the National Shrine of St. Maximillian Kolbe in Mary town Il. I’d be happy to offer up your prayers while I am there.


Lastly, if you haven’t left a review for Grieving Daughter’s Club, help me circulate my story to those who need to hear it. If you feel inclined, Amazon, Good Reads or Barnes n Noble all have places for reviews and for authors this is a MUST to spread the word. Just one review helps others know about the book and shares to a larger audience. I’ve already had great success because of the reviews I’ve received from my supporters like you! If you have already done so, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

When I return from Chicago I hope to touch base with you to share about my travels!

Please keep me prayer!

As always, nothing is possible without God's plan.

Love and Blessings,


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