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Summer Updates and Exciting News for Fall!!!!

Oh the dog days of Summer, or in my case Bear days...

Since I last checked in with you all my daughter Molly and I were off to Chicago for the Catholic Writers Guild Conference and to visit family. I saw some known faces and also made some new friends along the way. Molly got to see some of her family roots and visit her great grandparents burial site. It was a wonderful time and I learned a lot about myself as a writer as well as taking in the family history and traditions.

Since then we’ve continued to have an event-filled summer.

In early July my family and I relaxed near Lake Almanor, California at Butt Reservoir, paddle-boarding, riding quads, or just taking in the mountain air.

And no sooner than our return, I was back on a plane to Seattle to attend a seminar for history and AP (Advanced Placement) teaching skills.

To say its been busy would be an understatement...

Despite the constant movement, I must admit, its also been the most peaceful. I’ve realized that no matter how busy a person is, if you are doing your passion and what God calls you to do, the busy doesn’t feel chaotic. God brings you peace.


In addition to travel, I’ve been knee deep in some wonderful projects that are soon to launch, and one that I hope to share with you today!

After writing Grieving Daughters’ Club I received a great amount of feedback from people sharing their experiences of loss and grief.

It occurred to me that there were very few outlets especially in podcasts that discuss this topic, especially from a faith perspective. As a result, Jennifer Thomas, a fellow writer friend and I talked about our experiences with grief and decided to collaborate.

This Fall we’ll be launching the Mourning Glory Grief Podcast.

What to Expect From Our Episodes?

  • Dealing with loss and understanding that each person has a unique experience with grief.

  • Mental health experts: Our local Catholic Therapist and Grief Support leader, Rosaline Cruz-Rine from St. Michael's Parish in Morada, Ca, will provide clinical advice, expectations on the many stages of grief, along with tips, and ways to cope.

  • Leaning on faith: Grief is not just a physical and mental experience but also a spiritual one. We look at the role of the soul, what the Church teaches about loss, and how to lean on God in times of difficulty.

  • Prayers, Devotions & Scripture: We’ll look at prayers to say for our departed loved ones along with prayers for ourselves. We’ll also look at the role of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory and lean into scripture to see what the Bible shares about life, death, loss and grief.

  • Special Guest: We've already lined up of list of amazing guest speakers, authors, and organizations who’ll share their own journeys of loss and how through leaning on God have worked towards healing.

  • Q&A from listeners: There’ll also be an opportunity for listeners to share their thoughts and ask questions. We hope to interact with as many as possible.

Please keep an eye out for our inaugural episode on September 8. Take a listen to our trailer which is now available on spotify or my website! You can also subscribe through Spotify and follow us on Facebook or Instagram @mourningglorypodcast

Like I said, its pretty exciting news, and I can’t wait to share all that’s in store!

Lastly, I have another project that is in the works. More to come, but prayers are always appreciated!

I hope you've been spending your summer the way you were meant to? Feel free to share in the comments below! Or tell me about a topic you hope we'll cover on the podcst.

Until my next post!

God Bless you,

Andrea Bear

Please help me grow my subscriber list and forward this blog to someone you know! Thank you all for your support!

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