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Book Anniversary and Pod Cast Launch

Happy September!

The Fall season is quickly approaching, although in my family it already exists with pumpkin everything popping up its the start of new and exciting beginnings.

I also love this season because of football! My fantasy league has been set and I can’t wait to kick butt! While we tend to think of Spring as the season of new beginnings Fall is also a season of newness but more in the sense of preparing for changes. My kids are back to school, but moving up grades and changing everything from classes to goals, my oldest is now a senior in high school. These changes are bittersweet and remind us life is ever propelling forward as we adapt.

This Fall is also a big change for me and reminder of how quickly time flies. It is the celebration of my one year anniversary since Grieving Daughters’ Club was published! Woo Hoo! (yes I woo hooed!) This was such a labor of love and I have enjoyed this year sharing with others. I'm so grateful to Deb Haggerty and Elk Lake Publishing for putting their faith in me. I'm still figuring out this author thing, (and a bunch of other things) but I'm so happy and grateful to everyone who has supported this journey! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

To celebrate this one year accomplishment my dear friend and writer, Jennifer Thomas and I have officially launched the Mourning Glory Grief Podcast as a tribute to my GDC publication anniversary. Jennifer was so gracious to let us use this date for our launch. Its also the nativity of Our Blessed Mother, which holds some special meaning to me. (Sep 8)

With all the feedback from Grieving Daughters’ Club and seeing the need for people to openly talk about grief Jennifer and I are bringing you a podcast where people can share thier experiences about loss, faith, hope, AND for people to know they aren’t alone.

WE hope you’ll share this special project with others! Please click here to listen

Which reminds me I need some favors from y’all …

Would you be so gracious to review my book on Amazon? Or become a subscriber to our podcast? These small gestures are bigger than you can imagine and helps the content reach other viewers. We are currently on iheart radio, applepodcast, spotify, and heartcast.

If you have already done both! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Giving Thanks and Paying it Forward

I also want to give some credit to others who are also sharing their talents and bringing positive content to the world. And since we are celebrating the anniversary of my first novel I thought I would share all fiction books that are sure to fill your library.


My dear friend and award-winning author and screenwriter Amanda Lauer has done it again! She has added another book to her list of quality literature. Royal And Ancient is a phenomenal book for both young adult and “my age” readers (lets just guess which genre I fit in) I had the privilege to review this book before its upcoming release. It's not out just yet, but the good news its on pre-order.

Bronwyn Campbell’s moves across the country (Scotland) —again—with her father. But when lightning strikes while she’s working the club’s Saint Andrews Heritage Day, she’s transported from an American fairway to the home of golf, The Links at St. Andrews, in Scotland—and in the year 1691, no less.

When Iain MacDonald discovers Bronwyn knocked out cold on the seventeenth green, little does he know their meeting would change not only the course of their lives but the course of history. The son of the chieftain of Clan MacDonald, Iain bears the weight of responsibility for his family and his clan’s survival on his shoulders. As political events between England and Scotland heighten the conflict surrounding the MacDonald lands, Bronwyn and Iain rely upon their shared faith and growing feelings toward each other for survival.

Leslea Wahl is another author that is sure to please.

She has just released a new young author's book Charting the Course- Leslea writes for where you'll find excellent pics for young readers.

A ten-day Caribbean cruise might sound like a fabulous way to spend the holidays, but Liz would rather be anywhere than stranded on a ship with her estranged father for his high school reunion. While an anonymous note, an onboard mystery, and a cute boy help turn the tide on the unwanted trip, Liz and her father drift even further apart. However, when Liz’s reckless actions create a tsunami of unintended consequences, she recognizes that she’s drowning in pent-up hurt and anger. As her carefully created façade begins to ebb away, she turns to her faith and sets off to chart a new course for her life.

Another fantastic author and this one if for pre-teens and young readers would be Maria Riley. Her most recent book is near and dear to my heart since its about St. John Bosco and my parish happens to be a Salesian church. What better way to learn about Don Bosco than to hear from the point of view of a child. Maria’s book is one of a series called Adventures with the Saints.

Saint John Bosco - Summer is over, and Joshua is going to his brand-new school. He feels so nervous about starting somewhere new, and he’s not sure if he’ll get lost or if he will make any friends. Luke, Becca, and Joshua go on a special journey and meet Saint John Bosco - a priest who juggles and does acrobatics! What could this quirky priest be able to teach the kids? Will Joshua be ok on his first day?

So for this ONE Year Anniversary and Innagural rollout I want to thank you all for your support, love, and kind messages you've shared with me. I want to also thank my husband, and family for their continued support and putting up with me as I continue to persue these ventures.

Many prayers to you and blessings and please keep me in your prayers as I continue to move forward in whatever direction God takes me!

All My Love

Andrea Bear

If you know someone who would be a great fit to follow all my hows and happenings, please share this website or blog.

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