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Why Catholic Girls are Amazing friends

You’ve heard the expression, “I’ve got your back,” which implies that friendships are there to support you through thick and thin. Over the years I’ve made some amazing friendships with women of all shapes and sizes ranging from different age, ethnic, cultural, and/or religious or non- religious backgrounds. All of those friendships have made a difference in my life and have brought a purpose in some shape or form. Yet I have found my Catholic friendships with women have been the most profound relationships. I am not implying that only Catholic women are the best, or non-Catholic friendships can’t be profound, and I’m certainly not suggesting that Catholic women are free of error or mistake. I continue to have some remarkable relationships with those who are non-Catholic, but through our shared faith and understanding of the Catholic culture, there are significant factors united by Catholic women that are easier to develop that might be more complicated to share or receive if coming from a non-Catholic friend. For example if I speak about the Blessed Mother and tell a non-Catholic friend that I pray to Mary, it might come off as uncomfortable or foreign. A Catholic women would understand this and may even offer to say a Rosary or share insight to help me grow deeper in my prayer life to Mary.


Below are some characteristics that make Catholic women amazing friends.

1.​ ​Catholic girls will pray for you.

In times of strife or even in times of joy, knowing you have a friend who is not only “thinking of you” but is also “praying for you is a blessing”. I appreciate when others keep me in their thoughts but I especially love when I have a friend who has kept me in their prayers. I know there is divine power from that and they are taking up my worries with God. It is one of the most beautiful gifts to have a friendship supported through prayer. “For where two or three gather in my name there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

2.​They enlighten you on the virtue of humility.

Friendship is a two way street and when we sometimes don’t offer our best self, Catholic girls remind us of how to be humble in our circumstances. Friendship is not just about hearing warm fuzzies and having those around us agree with us 100% of the time. In fact, it can be the exact opposite. A friend should have your back but should also give you perspective when perspective is needed. We all need a dose of humility now and then. Some of my best Catholic friends will offer ways of humility through Jesus’ teachings.

3.​ ​They remind you that God is in control.

All good things are not because of ourselves but because of God’s grace that allows us to share our time and talents. Some of my best Catholic friends have reminded me that through God all things are possible. My talents and fortunes are owed to God. I am not fully in control. I am reminded of this regularly when I’m trying to fix the problems of my family, wanting to change the opinion of someone I disagree with. My Catholic girlfriends remind me that God is in charge and that I should stop trying to do his job. He wants me to rely on him.

4.​ ​Catholic girls always make you feel like you are worth it​.

God created each of us beautifully and wonderfully. God loves each of us just as we are. Using his message as our guide Catholic girls often share with each other the realization that we do not need to be smarter, thinner, prettier, richer, or more successful. We do not need to change to someone else, because God made us intentionally. Catholic girls encourage us to live our lives as Christ like as we can and we are all beautiful in his image.

5.​ ​When you’re going through hard times, Catholic women can offer advice with a heavenly purpose.

Have you ever had someone give you bad advice but had the best intentions? There is nothing more valuable when a friend’s advice is telling you to rely on Jesus. I know as a Catholic I don’t always have all the answers so having Jesus on my team is so rewarding. What would Jesus do? Using Jesus’ example or events in the bible to draw on for understanding is incredibly therapeutic and rewarding. I know this is the best advice because it is done with love.

6.​ ​The Blessed Mother has a special place in our hearts.

While many Christian groups love and acknowledge Mary as Jesus’ mother and her role in the bible, Catholic girls go to her in prayer and ask for her intercession. It is common misconception among non-Catholics that praying to Mary means that one is not praying to God. Catholic girls understand that Mary is an intercessor who through our prayers offers up prayers to her son. Having Catholic girlfriends say a Rosary, Novena, or Marian devotion together holds a very special an intimate connection not only with friends but with the Blessed Mother.

7.​ ​Catholic girls enjoy their wine.

So I know what you’re thinking this one isn’t necessarily a requirement for being Catholic but it’s a fun one. While I can’t say that ​all​ Catholic women are wine drinkers there’s a definite draw to wine since it is used with the consecration of Jesus’ blood in the Mass and several stories in the bible share the significance of wine in friendships (Wedding at Cana, Last Supper to name a few). Drinking wine or drinking in general in other Christian Denominations is frowned upon. I think being able to have a glass of wine and its not offensive to my Catholic community helps celebrate many milestones and sacraments. (marriage, baptisms, etc.) Having said that I have attended many church functions and wine has typically been a staple. My bible study would share a new bottle of wine weekly and it became not only social but created a comradery of celebration.

8.​ ​Catholic girls practice forgiveness and understanding.

The stories of Jesus’s life emphasize and model love and forgiveness. Catholic girls know that through Jesus’ example forgiveness is the cornerstone of friendship; to accept others even in one’s flaws or moments of imperfection. Going to confession is a great way to ask for forgiveness. Catholic girls can be great examiners of conscience, helping us to think about the direction of our moral compass. None of us are perfect friends, because people aren’t perfect. But if we expect to have any relationships we need to understand the art of forgiveness.

9.​ ​Catholic girls can share deep conversations of faith and spiritual growth.

Probably the most rewarding part of a Catholic friendship is the willingness to grow together in Christ. I know there have been times where I have held back on conversations because I was worried I would offend or not be able to connect with someone because they couldn’t relate on the same level of faith. Having Catholic friends allows you to share the deepest and intimate elements of yourself that center around your relationship with God. This isn’t always an easy conversation to have with someone who doesn’t share the same beliefs or doesn’t understand to the same degree. As a result Catholic women have can serve as spiritual mentors.. This bond in friendship is special and allows the person to grow as a result of these conversations and formation of these relationships. This also allows us to be vulnerable and open up about our self with little judgement but rather with love and support. It’s hard to share my prayers to the Blessed Mother with a non-Catholic even a protestant Christian because the understanding of that conversation might not make sense in their context.

10.Catholic girls will look to their Saints for words of inspiration.

When I was going through a personal difficulty my friend suggested that I look to St. Philomena for intercession. At the time I did not know much about this saint but I was so grateful to learn about her and the many miracles that took place surrounding her relics. Having saints to rely on is like having a big group of friends on the other side who are offering their prayers up for you. Catholic friends can pray to the saints for you. Not only did my friend pray but the many saints she asked for prayers were in union with her.

11.There’s a strong sense of community.

Connecting with your Catholic friends is like connecting with home. You feel like its an extended family. You are always well received and loved regardless of the circumstance. You do not have to be showy or have the nicest car or the fanciest shoes. They love you regardless

What makes your Catholic friends amazing?

*Dedicated to my amazing Catholic friend April Rubio

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